YIKES! is a simple, proactive, and comprehensive network security solution for homes and small businesses.

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Keeping Networks Safe

Developed specifically for home and small business networks, Yikes! automatically identifies your connected devices, assigns them to easy to understand groups, and isolates each group into micro-segments to provide security optimized for each group type. Yikes! addresses threats from the Internet as well as threats from other devices inside your network, including guest devices, which may already be infected when your guests arrive.

Yikes! provides next generation security for your home and small business networks by applying the latest in software defined networking and micro-segmentation.

Mobile Control

Simple to use phone application to protect your network from anywhere.

Automatic Device ID

Automatically identifies your devices and assigns them to a secured micro-segmented device group.

Automatic Security

Provides internet firewall rules optimized by group type.

Lateral Protection

Protects devices from infecting each other on your network, including guest devices!

Feel more secure everyday.

Check us out in the press!

Tom Martz, Co-Founder of Yikes! to Speak on Panel at the 2019 CyberMaryland Conference

We are excited to announce that MasterPeace Software Engineer and Co-Founder of Yikes!, Tom Martz, will be speaking on a panel at this week’s CyberMaryland Conference. The panel, which takes place on Friday, December 6th at 1:30 p.m., will discuss 21st century workforce needs. Joining Tom on the panel will be Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO of SyncDog; Ellison Anne Williams, CEO of Enveil; and moderator, Alex Galiani, Business Development Manager, Technical.ly Baltimore and Washington D.C.

Yikes! Engineers Participate in Creating New IoT Device Standard

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) announced that it has taken steps to formalize internet standards in regards to Manufactured User Descriptions (MUDs). MUD allows manufacturers to specify the intended network behaviors of the devices they build. Yikes! engineers actively participated in this standard, as well as an open source MUD Manager, osMUD.org, to implement it. The MUD Manager communicates with network services, detecting when devices enter and leave the network and automatically implements network security rules. A MUD Manager has also been incorporated into Yikes! later this spring. Yikes! will bring automated, state-of-the-art network security and management to small business and consumer networks.

CyberScoop’s Securiosity Podcast Interviews MasterPeace CEO Drew Cohen

MasterPeace CEO Drew Cohen was featured on CyberScoop's Securiosity podcast with Greg Otto and Jen O’Daniel, where he spoke in depth about MasterPeace’s unique model and the company’s groundbreaking approach to providing unique career opportunities for government services engineering talent. Don’t pass up this unique chance to learn about what makes MasterPeace different, and how its LaunchPad incubator encourages engineers to transform creative ideas into commercial-grade technology startups. Our model provides a unique benefit to all employees, equity participation in every startup. It also provides engineers that want to launch their own company a platform, resources, mentoring, and funding. Drew’s interview is featured from 29:05 to 47:53.